To Remain Closed or Not?

Asalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah

The Supreme Legislator is Allah Subhana wa ta’ala.

Regardless of whether the powers that be, give allowance to open the masjid or not, Muslim life is an Amanah, to both; the person who has been given that life, as well as the guardians and the knowledgable who exercise influence on Islamic life.

We have seen arguments for and against the opening and closing of masajid during this time. It is inevitably in the power of Allah subhana wa taala alone.

It is crucial to consider the challenges we face in light of; Quran, Sunnah (authentic ahadith), Ijma, Qiyas and the particular Ijtihad applied in our contemporary times and in our history.

In line with this is to also consider; Maqasid-al-Shariah; the over-arching principles and objectives of the Quran and Sunnah. These in effect, place obligations to preserve, the Deen, Life, Sanity, Progeny and Property of the Muslims through the various time frames, locations and challenges faced.

Whether the legislation allows 50 or at a later stage more, does it mean we Muslims should risk the lives of Muslims or should we be preserving life ?

More importantly how has this changed us for the better ?

Have we made amends ?


May Allah subhana wa taala forgive us all, guide us all, and preserve the lives of Muslims to stand for Haqq !


One thought on “To Remain Closed or Not?

  1. Mohammed Wadee Reply

    With regards to opening up the Masjid, Government allowing places of prayer to open does not mean that we must comply.

    Our reason for closing the masaajid was not based, and should never be based, on Government regulations but on Islamic principles of protection from harm.

    We are only seeing the start of the spread of the virus. In the last 24 hours we have had 6 Muslim covid deaths in South Africa.

    Masjid committee members are responsible in the court of Allah for their decisions and actions.

    Let’s do what is in the good interests of our masjid community, even if they don’t realize, understand or appreciate it.

    We should seriously consider keeping the masaajid closed (less 3 or 4 people to continue praying the fardh salaah so that the masjid is not left deserted) until it’s is safe to open.

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